The New World

Six(Hundred) Feet Under

Levels 3-??

The Alecto's Luck finally reached its destination: the town of Beachhead, on the north coast of the New World. After exploring the delights and quirks of the town – an inn, the bathhouse, the undead labour force who work the fields and mines – in the company of Aisling Merrimeet, a halfling local, the party quickly decided to make their mark on Beachhead. 

Rat Baby led a negotiation with the goblins who plague the town's ever-growing trash heap, persuading them to take the place of the undead in return for 'the good trash,' delivered regularly to their door (although the goblins laughed and sneered that humans 'couldn't find their home.'). 

Meanwhile, Mo worked on 'Deadman' (Steadfast Molloy) to convince him to let the party investigate his mine and see whether there's anything down there except for ancient, undead labourers controlled by mysterious diadems, in the hopes that Steadfast can earn a living in some way other than hiring out dead people to work their fingers to the bone. 



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