The New World

Worse Things Happen At Sea

Levels 1-2

Aboard the good ship Alecto's Luck, captained by Audra Longknife, and heading for the New World, the party were disturbed both by a sudden storm that separated them from the other two ships in their convoy, and by the sudden appearance of Xanethezerios from the Feywild. 

During the storm, the Alecto's Luck ran aground on a coral reef and merfolk assaulted the lifeboats, attempting to trap and abduct members of the crew and successfully stealing away Nura, the boatswain. Thanks to the party's staunch defence, the rest of the crew made it to land on a small, strange island. 

While exploring some other ships that were beached nearby – the Iron Jenny, the Tantivy, and one so badly decayed it could only be identified by its figurehead – the party had their first encounter with the witch Mother Salt, who invited them (through her rabbit familiar, Twitch) to visit her. 

Mother Salt explained the situation: that the merfolk had killed the rest of her coven, and forced her to summon storms that wrecked ships… providing the merfolk with a steady source of their preferred food. She asked them to destroy the merfolk's "god" and throw their entire society into chaos: she would make the curse, and provide a way for them to breathe water, if they would just deliver it. The party agreed, in spite of some reservations about her unfamiliar style of magic, and general motivations. 

Mother Salt also provided Rat Baby with a necklace that allowed them to pass without trace through the forests of the island, avoiding the terrifying shadowcats, giant snakes, and other lethal fauna. Unfortunately, Corrin strayed into the forest alone in search of a new campsite for the crew, and was hunted down by one of those very same cats. 

After successfully finding a way to fend off the nightly merfolk attacks, using fires on the beach, and this avoiding the pitfalls of exhaustion (not to mention being kidnapped and eaten), the party collected their goodies from Mother Salt, and ventured down into the merfolk's lair beneath the island. 

In their passage through the caverns, they fought off sharks, well-armed guards, and discovered the horrors of the merfolk's larder and midden (though they did recover a ring that Nura had owned, which they returned to the first mate, Vittorio). In the chamber of the god – a giant, deep water creature that turned out to be some form of octopus – they defeated both the creature itself and the leader of the merfolk, freeing Mother Salt and assuring themselves a safe exit from the island. 


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